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Beer Goggles
July 29th 03, 09:52 PM

This is another shining example of the affiliate site making the
company look cheezy. I was impressed by the mail company site.

On 24 Feb 2003 05:28:47 -0800, (Sam) wrote:

>In case it was not completely clear - my website states it clearly - I
>am an affiliate of Packet8 which means I get something for referring
>customers. Like Vonage, Packet8 gives you 30 days to try their service
>with a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. My prupose in
>writing was to encourage folks to look at the competitor/s before
>deciding on one provider. And since there is so little info about
>Packet8 I suggested looking at my site - and there is no shame in
>getting a referral fee for referring customers - that's teh way the
>world turns. I am happy to continue spreading information and
>continuing to clearly mark it as an affiliate website!
>It would be rather dumb to discount Packet8 because you didn't like a
>newsgroup post. I would reccomend simply not using my coupon code
>"sam" as this will teach me a thing or two...
>lighten up!