View Full Version : voice chat under win2k: voice pitch wrong, deep voice

Sven Holm
September 7th 03, 05:23 PM

Tried google and forums in vain for this problem...

My system: windows 2000, sp4, onboard via ac97 sound

Why is it that each and every voice over ip program (voice chat,
internet telephony), such as netmeeting, speakfreely, teamspeak etc.,
doesn't work for me right under windows 2000?

"Doesn't work" means:
My own voice is heard by others as very, very slow, deep, roaring like a
lion, while I hear the others all right.

The same voice speed/pitch phenomenon happens when I just do a local
loopback test!

The problem only is under windows 2000, while at the same computer
windows xp and Linux don't have this problem!

Anyone else having had this problem under windows 2000? Could you solve

I already had uninstalled all my sound drivers, audio codecs etc and
reinstalled again, but the problem with my voice speed (pitch) didn't go

Please, someone answer to this article, hopefully with a way
to find a solution.

Many thanks