View Full Version : Business class SIP gateway service providers

Steve Blair
September 10th 03, 08:21 PM

I'm looking for a SIP<->PSTN gateway service for
business purposes, not residential service. We are
looking for a service that can carry our Local, LD
and Internation outbound traffic from SIP->PSTN.
Additionally we'd like the service to carry
PSTN->SIP inbound calls. Does anyone have any


Henrik Bergström
September 11th 03, 03:47 PM
Hi Steve

The company I work for use a SIP<->PSTN professional service called
SIPCall which as already been mentioned in this forum. We have a
SIPCall pro wich means a post-paid account with several UK numbers
(0870). So far we are very happy with this particular service, its
reliability has been very good.
Have a look for yourself at: