View Full Version : Quicknet BILLING --We have it -- USE OUR SOFTSWITCH!

September 12th 03, 03:25 PM
Did you ever buy QUicknet Linejack and phonejacks and were never able
to do billing ? Now you can..You can configure your own Gateways,
Cisco's , etc and start making money. No MORE MICROTELCO Gateway and
CLOSED configuration. Welcome to OPENESS. We have developed a
softswitch that will enable you to set your own rates, configure your
own routes, play IVR via IP in spanish, english and many others. All
you need is a PC with linejacks or a Cisco Gateway, and a server with
SQL to manage and store your accounts. This softswitch is a very
simple and complete solution to use for calling cards, termination,
etc. You are no longer limited, you can use other gateways in
conjunction with the linejacks. You can configure the softswitch to
work with other gateways. If interested send me an email and I will
followup with you. If you have additional questions send them to me.