View Full Version : QSIG with CCM 3.2(2c)

September 25th 03, 02:19 PM

I try to put in place a QSIG link between an Alcatel PABX 4400 R3.2
and a Cisco 2620 IOS 12.2(11)T9 with a E1 card 1MFT-E1 in a Network
Module NM-HDV.

Does this configuration support QSIG ECMA 165 (QSIG GF) ?

In the Cisco literature
(http://www.cisco.com/en/US/customer/products/sw/iosswrel/ps1831/products_configuration_guide_chapter09186a00800ca6 ad.html#xtocid152422)
, I read that the MC3810 can do that, so normaly it could be possible
for my platform ?

The purpose of my request is to display the caller name on the phone.
If my platform is not uptodate to do that, please can you provide me
the hardware and IOS levels requirements.

Just for information, I will not be able to buy a CCM 3.3 to fix my
fonctionality problem.

Thanks in advance