View Full Version : Actiontec 1520 - high praise!

June 26th 03, 08:08 AM
Well, I must say - my experience with the Actiontec 1520 modem from
QWest has been a uniquely positive one!

I found not one positive thing about this modem/hub on these boards,
so I felt compelled to make a favorable post.

I got my package from QWest last Sunday. Monday, the DSL was on.

I unpacked everything, followed the directions, and set everything up.

I have a Linksys Wireless-G setup at home. WRT54G hub, and their "G"
PCI and PCM cards where applicable. For the Actiontec, I read ahead
of time that it could be configured as a transparent bridge.

When the time came to do it, gues what!? IT WORKED!! I configured it
as a transparent bridge, plugged it into my WRT54G, and forgot about
it until today.

Today, my Cisco 678 came in the mail - from an e-bay transaction.

Same procedure - called QWest to reset the exec password, the QWest
rep helped me configure it for rfc1483 bridging, and then via the
admin port, I upgraded the CBOS to the latest (2.4.6?).

Plugged it in, and it worked... and then it crashed... and then I had
to get back in through the serial port. Could not get telnet and web
to work. Command center started flaking out.

Rebooted it, Hit the "Open Connection" button in Windows, and then
plugged it back into the WRT54G. Worked fine for a while, and then
the connection dropped out again.... then a minute or so later, it
came back (hiccup I thought.... I thought wrong...)

Came back an hour later, tried opening a browser, and could not get
out. Connection dropped again.

Moments later, the Actiontec is back out of the box, hooked it up and
back online!!!

Cisco 678 now sits on a shelf collecting dust.