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Nathan Cook
July 3rd 03, 11:31 PM
Thanks for the answer. I saw the squiggle on the Westell
and the VAC on the transfromer this morning.


"'nuther Bob" > wrote in message
> On Thu, 03 Jul 2003 02:14:26 GMT, "Nathan Cook"
> > wrote:
> >I received my DSL kit from Verizon today and decided to plug in the
> >modem, even though my service is not scheduled to begin until 7/10.
> >Unfortunately, the power light did not come on. I checked the transformer
> >output with a multimeter and have determined that it is dead on arrival.
> >I would rather go to Radio Shack and grab a 12V transformer than try to
> >get a new one sent. What I don't know is the polarity of the plug, and
> >I don't want to damage the modem. Does anyone know if the plug is
> >tip positive or negative? Or could anyone check?
> >Any help is appreciated.
> Interesting. My power supply/adaptor died within a week. I had a 12v
> transformer sitting around, so I just hooked that up. I haven't gotten
> around to calling Verizon or Westell about it.
> Check the label - its' A/C output. There is no polarity issue.
> Bob