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Charles Oram
July 4th 03, 12:51 AM
<MikeP> wrote in message ...
> Quick question:
> I am in Washington D.C. in the 20015 zip using Covad as my provider.
> Last night we had a storm roll through. The storm wasn't severe, but
> to say we've been getting alot of rain lately would be an
> understatement. :)
> Anyways, as the storm got close to my area, the DSL light on the
> modem went out. I didn't think too much of it and switched the modem
> off and disconnected the line from the jack, as I do during storms.
> When the storm had cleared, I reconnected it and powered it back up.
> It went through it's normal initialization and detects my router but
> it didn't initialize the DSL (the light never came on or blinked).
> I switched it off again and went to bed. In the morning I powered it
> up again, but it still didn't init the DSL. I disconnected the phone
> line and plugged it into a phone and I got a dialtone, so the line
> itself is still up.
> As I am new to DSL, is this an indication that the line is damaged
> somehow, or there is some problem at the telco or covad? Basically I
> want to know if I should wait a bit more or so and see if it comes
> back up or call covad. I have had much smaller outages (about an hour
> or so) and it's always come back up on it's own.
> Thanks.

With the heavy rain there is probably water in the cables/ducts that your
phone line runs through to the exchange. The water will stuff up the
impedance of the line - usually not enough to stop POTS working, but often
enough to upset the DSL. Once things dry up it will probably come right.

Charles Oram