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July 7th 03, 10:53 PM
Has anyone had high quality professional video conferencing success using
consumer 384/128 DSL? I'm looking for artifact free, min 15fps, 240x320
resolution (i.e. something from half of NTSC to near NTSC).

I'm thinking of buying Polycom's lower end ViaVideo for this. Any personal
experience out there with this product or other products and DSL?

Thanks in advance.

July 8th 03, 01:46 AM
David H. Lipman > wrote:
: Why not ?

: I've been running, 1st PictureTel then PolyCom, VTC over ISDN.

: Dave

Well, 3x or 4x128 ISDN is the recommended videoconferencing setup,
especially if it is point to point leased lines and not IP.
This is traditional for business setups for 2 way or multiple way

But while I recognize that conferencing works great over ISDN, I'd
rather hear that is does well on DSL, which is VoIP, asymmetrical,
and a slower pipe.

David H. Lipman
July 8th 03, 03:27 AM
2x64+16 is faster than DSL ?

No, DSL is faster and where does Voice over IP come into play ? It H.323 over

Actually we do 2x64 quite often. And yes this is business grade P2P VTC and we
have a 4 x ISDN bridge. We can combine but we rarely do and usually run at 128
or 2x64. Maybe what you should be looking at SDSL 384/384 rather than ADSL
384/128, albeit it may no be offered in your area.