View Full Version : ASUS ADSL modem simoultaneous sharing?

July 25th 03, 02:29 PM

I have an ASUS AAM 6005HW ADSL modem/router connected to a hub with
three computers (one Win2k and two XP Pro). Currently we all can go
on-line simoultaneously, but with different IP numbers. I know how to
connect to the modem, where I see several settings that can be changed.
I would like to set the modem/router up so that it does the network IP
address change, so that the ISP sees only one IP address, and
consequently only bills me for the usage time as if I had only one
computer connected. Now it notices each computer in the network and adds
the time from each connection to the bill. So currently if all three are
online on the same time for one hour, then I get charged for three
hours, instead of one.

What settings do I need to set in the ASUS modem and what do I need to
set them to? I can find the manual on the Internet but it does not
explain what of all the settings I need to set and to what. I do not
expect to get any help from the ISP as they talk a different language
from what I do, and they might not approve of me doing this change in
the modem/router.

The address of the modem is and the three computers have
addresses from to ..1.4.

Can someone please help me out with this?