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July 25th 03, 06:46 PM
Ans since you're talking wireless...look at wireless routers..linke the
Dlink 614+ and others.

Good Luck

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> I have DSL coming into a modem and then into our main computer (win 98
> SE), but now it has become necessary to share this connection with two
> other laptops through wireless cards. I think what I need to do is get
> an Ethernet DSL modem, and have both the desktop (already has an
> Ethernet card) and a some sort of wireless access point (brand?
> dlink?) which both laptops can use the wireless cards (they each
> already have 802.11b cards) to connect to the DSL. I think its
> possible to get a Wireless access point + Cable/DSL Router w/4-Port
> Switch in one unit....
> Note: Our DSL requires you to sign in when you want to use it, I
> think this is PPPoE? Does the westell eliminate having to do this?
> Would be the best way to do this and what would I need? A friend
> highly recommended the Westell 2100 modem...
> As you can probably see, I have practically no idea what I'm doing, so
> thanks for any help you can provide.

If you install a router/switch, IT will take care of the PPPoE interfacing,
perform the signin for you, and your connection will always be on. You will
then be able to eliminate the connection software you've been using, and all
of its associated overhead.


Just my $.03 worth....
(It used to be $.02, but the cost of EVERYTHING is higher now!!!)

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