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Tom Schmidt
July 27th 03, 04:11 PM
"Hdkm00" > wrote in message
> I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and recently received the DSL
> kit from Verizon.
> I have a Compaq computer with Windows 98SE and an Ethernet card. Verizon
> provided a Westell WireSpeed DSL modem and a CD-ROM with MSN 8 on it.
After I
> hooked up everything, the power light of the DSL modem was on, the ready
> blinking, and the Ethernet light on. However, when I tried to set up the
> software, the error message indicated that Internet had not been detected.
> I spoke with 7 to 8 people at Verizon, and the problem persisted. Any
> suggestions? My computer too old (AMD-475MHz)? Windows 98SE not good
> Thanks in advance.

If the Ready light is blinking is means the modem cannot sync to the DSLAM
in the Central office. Have you received an account activation notice? The
self install kits come well be before the ready date. You cannot set up the
account until the circuit is activated.

Have you install microfilters so every device except the DSL modem is behind
a filter: phones, answering machine, dialup modem, set-top-box, home alarm.
remote utility meters, etc?