View Full Version : aol actiontec dsl modem problems

August 10th 03, 06:05 AM
recently i began having problems with my dsl modem. I've had aol dsl
for over a year now without incident. since purchasing a new computer
which runs win xp, i've had repeated problems in getting dsl modem to
establish a connection. it worked for a bit, and then for the last
week i've been completely unable to get the modem to connect at all.
the green ready light just flashes. The modem is an actiontec usb
modem, previously i had a westell modem. aol sent the actiontec as a
replacement for the westell, as i had the same problem with it. of
course aol support is completly unhelpful, so do you think the problem
stems from the modem (as i've read a lot of complaints about the
actiontec), my computer, or my dsl line?? please help!