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Earl Camembert
September 12th 03, 12:19 AM
"joevan" > wrote in message
> The repair guy is coming tomorrow to change the ancient wire from the
> tel co box in the back st. to my NID on my outside garage back wall.
> Once that is done and I replace a couple of modular boxes in the house
> and garage, I am hoping that will take care of that 5 second hissing,
> static. There is also a sort of ping ping now and then while talking
> to someone. When I unplug the modem the phone works fine.
> Thanks, Earl Camembert, I think you have the right idea about the wire
> being so called wet or whatever, at least I hope that is all that it
> is. I will report all that happens and will be soooo happy when it all
> works as it should.
> joevan
See if you can get a home run to the modem and place a splitter at the NID.
Hopefully you are a young slim pretty woman and the technician is a man. Or
visa a versa. Have coffee and a bun ready. If it is hot a cold drink but no
alcohol please.

Tony Nelson
September 12th 03, 05:34 PM
In article >,
joevan > wrote:

> ...and guess what it did
> the same thing. I think now that the splitter filter is bad. I think
> so anyway at this point. ...

Using microfilters on my setup, one of the phones still had (much
reduced) hissing after I added the filter. I put a second microfilter
in series, and no more hissing. Phone audio quality seems unchanged.
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